Why the Deletion Process Matters

deletionprocessThe news breaks almost daily with a hack story. We don’t ever want to be the subject, and more so, we don’t ever want our clients to be a victim. That’s why we take not only secure file transfer seriously, but we’ve prioritized the deletion process, too.

Sure, the upload and transfer require absolute security. But what happens after you press delete or a file expires? Our unique deletion process guarantees there is nothing left, anywhere.

We’re all about security — pure and simple. And we recognize that it’s a selling point for a lot of cloud file sharing solutions, but where we break from the pack is that we’ve made security our top priority.

It’s not a buzzword around here, and it’s not jargon that we toss around lightly. SendThisFile is built with 100% integrity and focus on offering the most secure file transfer products available. Every day our engineers continue to take major steps toward tightening that security, staying ahead of the curve to ensure you have a partner your business can trust no matter what.

How our Unique Deletion Process Works for You

So you’ve shared the file and it’s been expired — either through the expiration of a link or maybe the file is no longer visible in an inbox or dashboard. Feels safe enough, right? Not even close. These are the gaps that get hacked, and the reason for our unique deletion process.

From upload, your files are secured with SendThisFile’s military grade Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption; it’s security we stand behind. Every file is tagged with an expiration date, and the files will cease to exist on our server at that time. When it’s time to delete the file from our servers, the data gets wiped not once, not twice, but multiple times.

We “digitally shred” your data, making multiple scans, breaking up the remnant pieces that remain with each pass. Not only that, but with each scan, we write over the remnant data with other random data, making the original file untraceable and inaccessible. Then, we wipe the data from our servers entirely, a permanent deletion that is unrecoverable. After we permanently delete the file from our server, we instantly make that storage space available for a new file.

Today, it’s not enough to just say you’re secure, you have to prove it. And SendThisFile has done so for banking, healthcare, military, and engineering clients for more than a decade.

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