Using Customization to Strengthen Your Brand

lockersWe learn at an early age that personalization is good. (And now, maybe even expected!) In much of America, it’s back-to-school time, as evidenced by the myriad offerings of clothing, school supplies, dorm room necessities and locker accoutrements that are in scores of department stores. The aim of many of these products is to give young people the ability to make their space – which may look like the space that everyone else is given – just a little bit different, to help them develop their sense of personal style. In marketing terminology we might call this developing your personal brand.

When researching any type of customer-facing online business tool, branding, or customization should be a factor that influences your decision. One of the best things about SendThisFile’s file sharing service is the ability to customize the product.

Here are the customization options available in our Business and Enterprise level products.

Business Level

Email notifications – Your SendThisFile account will send out notifications at various times, like when a file is sent to your intended recipient, when a file notification bounces, when a file has been accessed, when the file will expire, etc… You can change the wording and images to be more consistent with your company’s voice. You can use either plain text or HTML templates to create these branded messages.

SMTP – Secure Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) is a plan feature that allows your SendThisFile notification emails to originate from your email address instead of files@sendthisfile. It is a great way to make sure that your important file transfer emails reach your recipients rather than their SPAM folders.

Filebox customization – We learned in the last blog post that Filebox is a great tool for receiving files. It’s available in all paid plans, as a hosted URL that you can give to clients to have them send files to you. But at the Business and Enterprise level things really start to get interesting. With customization, you can customize the form that people see when they visit that URL or, you can forego the URL altogether and simply embed the Filebox so that it appears on your own site.

We sometimes refer to the customization of our Filebox as creating branded upload forms. It’s an easy way to add a secure form to your website that will allow customers to send you large files of any type. And, the ability to embed the upload form onto your website, makes the upload process seamless for the end user. With the ability to match the look and feel of your site, they won’t even know the file is transferring via a third party.

Enterprise Level

Add custom fields – in Enterprise and Isolated Cloud accounts the Custom Fields option allows you to create any field on your custom upload form, allowing you completely customize it. In some cases, you might also be able to pass parameter values into the fields onto your form. This can be of extreme value when it’s necessary to pass account information, phone numbers or other account specific information.

Rearrange the form – Aside from changing the colors, names of fields and adding fields, you can also rearrange them on the form, using either coordinate values or a visual layout.

These are all great options for customization and they’re fairly easy to “do-it-yourself” with a little technical know-how. But, you don’t have to know it all! If you have any difficulty with customizations, just contact our customer support team.

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