Top 5 reasons why sending is better than sharing

Ever wonder what the difference is between sharing a file and sending a file?

Read on to learn five ways that sending is better than sharing.

1. Sending files limits your exposure

Your files are stored on the internet for only as long as is required, whereas sharing keeps them online indefinitely.

2. Sending is more immediate

People you send files to receive notifications with handy download links to immediately begin downloading. No website accounts are required to access them.

3. Sending is discrete

Only those you email will receive your download link. Sharing sites utilize a one-to-many architecture where sending is one-to-one.

4. Sending is secure by design

SSL transmission encryption, AES storage encryption, and secure HTTPS logins all combine to provide a more secure and robust environment for transporting your files. Sharing sites are open by design, adding security layers can get in the way of their goal of accessing more people to share with.

5. Sending is easy to control

The simple yet powerful nature of file sending means you retain control over your files. You choose who you wish to send a file to before you start uploading.  With sharing, your files can get out of your hands the moment you send it to the sharing or social media site.

This are just a few of the many reasons to choose sending instead of sharing a file.

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