The best way to receive files

Receiving-Files-with-SendThisFileYou may be using SendThisFile because you realize the importance of using a secure file sharing service for sending out files. It’s a great way to securely send data, especially when it comes to very large file sizes. But what about on those occasions when you need to have a customer or other business partner send something to you?

If you’ve ever made this request, only to have the sender tell you they tried to send it, but found they aren’t allowed to send very large files, you know then that this request may be easier said than done. You may have even made multiple attempts through various methods. Before spending all of the time trying to figure it out, if you’re already using SendThisFile, it’s very easy! Give them the link to your Filebox. They won’t even need a SendThisFile login (unless you have an Enterprise account and you specify so). Filebox is available starting with Professional level accounts (including trials). A Filebox is, very simply, a hosted webform that allows people to send large files to you.

Here’s how to find it:

After logging in to your account, navigate to the Filebox tab. If you’ve never set up Filebox, simply follow the prompts, and you then you’ll see something like the picture below. Find the URL like the one circled below and share it with whomever you would like to have send files to you:

Filebox - SendThisFile

Note that you can make the choice to password protect the Filebox. The box below the URL is what your sender will see when they navigate to your Filebox.

You may also notice customization options below the Filebox. These are available on Business and Enterprise level accounts. In our next blog post, we’ll cover the customization options available at each plan level, including customizing your Filebox.

If you have any problems accessing or setting up your Filebox, just contact our customer service folks at 316-942-4707, email or by live chat from the link on any page of our website.