SendThisFile Teams Up at Prairie Fire Race

SendThisFile's Prairie Fire TeamAs we’ve mentioned in previous posts, our corporate culture isn’t one of wacky office games, or fancy coffee. We take our work seriously and we put our families first. We also know the importance of team work, so we set aside time for team activities, like Habitat for Humanity builds, team lunches, and other get togethers. Last Sunday morning a few of our SendThisFile team gathered near Wichita’s downtown for the Prairie Fire spring race series. Since it was a Sunday morning, we knew our team would be small, but fierce!

Audrey Nelson, Dan Ziegelbein, Scott Sexton, and yours truly, started off bright and early. With 3 of us running the 5k and one of us running the half-marathon, we couldn’t have asked for better weather. Scott’s race had actually started before the rest of us gathered, but nevertheless, Audrey, Dan and I started the race together, with just enough sun to keep us warm. Audrey and Dan were our 5k champions – they finished the race and then doubled back to jog/walk with me as I finished 10 minutes behind. (Thanks, guys!)

Soon enough, we knew the runners in the half-marathon would be crossing the finish line, so we all gathered to wait for Scott. (Who finished the half-marathon even after tweaking a muscle in mile 4.) Audrey led the cheering as Scott passed by. We all met up in the runner’s village afterwards to toast to a team success.

As Henry Ford once said, “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”