SendThisFile has enhanced email bounce detection!

Paid SendThisFile accounts now experience our improved email bounce detection, allowing the user to know if their intended recipient had a valid email address to receive their message.

This comes in handy if the intended recipient’s email address was mistyped or is no longer functioning.

If an email is sent to an invalid address, the sender will receive our bounced notification via email. The sender may then sign into their account and forward their file to whomever they originally intended by entering a valid email address.

Please note that this feature relies on the email servers of other companies to indicate that a bounce has occurred, and for this reason may not always indicate that an email was bounced. This is due to the effort to reduce the threat of email SPAM, whereby companies set their email servers not to notify the sender that their email has bounced.

Email bounce detection is a sophisticated technical feature that is not typically found on other sites and we are happy to offer this unique feature to our customers.

Let us know in the user feedback how things are working for you!

-The SendThisFileTeam