Secure SMTP now available!

SendThisFile is happy to announce a great new feature for our customers, Secure SMTP!

What is it you ask? Secure SMTP allows your SendThisFile email to originate from your email address instead of files@sendthisfile. This will ensure that your important file transfer emails are much less likely to wind up in your recipients’ SPAM folders.

As a bonus, this feature allows SendThisFile to be fully compatible with third-party email systems that require secure connections, such as Gmail.

Behind the scenes, Secure SMTP utilizes SSL to allow your SendThisFile email to be sent from your own email server instead of from the SendThisFile email server. However, each user must set up this feature.  Login and go to ‘My Account’ then ‘SMTP Settings’ to configure.

For our enterprise and business customers, your IT department will gain the ability to log file transfer emails from SendThisFile through your email servers for record keeping and auditing purposes.  You will even be able to run the emails through your own spam filters.

Secure SMTP will be available for Enterprise Plan and Business Plan accounts only.  Enterprise Plan customers can access the feature today. We will be rolling out to our Business Plan customers soon. UPDATE 11-26-10: Secure SMTP is now available to all paid plans!

We hope you enjoy this feature, which is unique to SendThisFile and not found in many of our competitor’s offerings.

-The SendThisFile Team