Improved menu navigation and configurable defaults

We are pleased to share a few new changes we have made to our service, improved menu navigation and enhanced mode defaults! The changes come at no charge and are part of our commitment to continually update our service to meet your needs.

Improved Menu Navigation

Navigation Update- now with My FilesWe have promoted our ‘My Files’ function to the top of the navigation bar. Previously it was a bit hard to find. This makes it much easier to find and view your file transfer activity.

New enhanced mode defaults

Enhanced mode defaults now availableJust like our classic mode, the enhanced mode will now allow for defaults to be set for email notifications. You can set the Subject line to anything you wish, and no longer have to retype your desired subject line each time.

Another added feature is the ability to have the “To:” field remember the email address of the last notification sent. When this default is set, you won’t have to try to remember or retype the email address of the last person you sent a file to, it will already be there!