Bring More Users to the Table? No Problem!

bring more users to the tableOne of the great features that our Enterprise product brings to the table is the ability to create multiple user and admin logins. This allows for more flexibility and for complete accountability. You can set the table however you like.

Multiple users are available at no additional charge, simply create as many users as you’ll need to have sending files.  Your additional users should always access SendThisFile through your Branded Upload Forms to get the most benefit from your Enterprise account. They can login through the SendThisFile homepage to send files, however, their account is more limited than the main admin account. For example, they will not have access to the unthrottled speeds and the other benefits unless they use your Branded Upload Form. And, to protect your account, they won’t have access to any account settings or reports.

Additional admin logins are also available at no additional charge, and are intended for instances when you need more users with unlimited access to your account, for example, managers who need to run log reports.

Having a secure file transfer service that brings unique features to the table is a good thing, especially when it allows YOU to bring more users to the table!

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