Keep your files secure with HTTPS Login

When transferring big files and large data repositories, keeping your data private and secure during transport is of paramount importance.  That is why it is our mission at SendThisFile to safeguard all customer data while it is in transit.

All SendThisFile accounts are required to sign-in using Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) enabled browsers.  HTTPS connections are often used to secure web payment transactions, and for other highly sensitive transactions that occur between computer systems and servers.  HTTPS ensures a secure pathway is created over the Internet, wherein multiple systems interconnect and pass information between each other.

SendThisFile users are required to sign-in with HTTPS enabled, thereby protecting their password and user ID login information from electronic eavesdropping.  No user may access an account without a unique, registered user ID and password.

When a website is secured with HTTPS, you will notice a lock icon displayed in your browser window.  Look for this lock at the top of your browser, near the website address bar, or in the lower right-hand corner of your browser (depending on the browser being used).  Clicking on the lock will display the security certificate of the website you are visiting.  The security certificate displays identity information which you may review to verify the website’s authenticity.  Ensure that both the security certificate and the website share the same identity.

If you are at the SendThisFile login screen and do not see a lock in your browser, do not attempt to sign-in and leave the website immediately.  You may have inadvertently arrived at a website designed to obtain your account information for malicious use.  SendThisFile always requires HTTPS to sign into your account.

Please note that SendThisFile will never ask you for your password. Always keep your username and password private and do not share them with others.  SendThisFile accounts are free and a new account registration only takes moments to complete.

Now that you have used HTTPS to securely transmit your account credentials, you have been successfully signed into our service and are now ready to send your large files.