Keep files private with safe URLs

A recent study conducted by USENIX, a computing trade organization comprised of researchers and programmers, revealed that several file sharing services were not ensuring adequate file privacy.  It turns out that several file sharing sites were using predictable “URI’s” or universal resource identifiers.

A URI is generated whenever a file is uploaded and is added to the end of the service’s domain, thus creating a URL that can be used for sharing.  When you click this sharing URL or “link” you can access the file.

With the right precautions this method of file sharing is perfectly safe and private. However, the study points out several sites had poor URI implementation which resulted in sequentially generated URLs.  Sequential URL’s expose data because a URL can be predicted based on a past URL (among other factors).  This creates the opportunity for unauthorized file access.

However, SendThisFile users needn’t worry.  Since 2003 we have been utilizing industry best practices to ensure secure file sharing.  We utilize a randomly generated 24-character URI implementation. Such long URI’s give each file you upload a URI that is unique from your last uploaded file.  This ensures that any file you share is given a non-predictable URI, resulting in a URL that can be safely used for file sharing.

SendThisFile knows that maintaining the privacy and security of your files is of the upmost importance and we are solely committed to the privacy and safeguarding of our customer’s files.