Improved file tracking with Detailed File View

By popular request we have improved our file tracking capability by increasing the fidelity of file download activity.  Changes include viewing detailed file download activity by email address and viewing the original file notification message.

For a detailed download activity view Go to My Account, My Files and you will see an overview of files sent.

When you click on the file name (underlined in blue) it will open a new view called ‘File Details.’  This new ‘File Details’ view provides a breakdown of each recipient email address and the download activity for each recipient email address.

You will now be able to know, for example, if you sent a file to 10 different email addresses which of these email addresses have downloaded your file and how many times they have downloaded it.

As you can see, this enhancement greatly improves your ability to track and monitor file download activity

Also included with this update is a file notification message view.   Again, go to My Account, My Files and click on the file name you wish to view.  At the bottom of the screen you will see an area next to ‘Message.’

This area contains the message you created that was sent along with the file download link in the file notification email.  Now you don’t have to remember what you sent, the system will remember it for you.

In this new detailed file view you can even change the file name and download limit, which may be done at any time.

We hope you enjoy these new tracking and monitoring capabilities, let us know if they are working for you.

-The SendThisFile Team