How to send multiple files at the same time

An annoying aspect of sending more than one file is that you are required to either compress all of your folders and files into a single zipped file or you have to send files individually. Both methods add extra steps and hassle that can eat away your valuable time.

We recently enabled our new beta to eliminate this problem by automatically compressing your selected files into a zipped file before the file transfer process begins. Our service will even compress folders.

An extra benefit is that when you compress your files you are shrinking their file size. Sending smaller files will lower your bandwidth usage and save you money.

Here’s how it works.

First, make sure you have the beta enabled by clicking the link to the beta on the send files page and choose the ‘Enhanced’ experience. For now, only paid plans have access to our beta.

Next enter in your recipients email address in the ‘Choose Recipients’ section, then click the green ‘Select Files’ button. Allow the java applet to run if you haven’t done so yet and you will next see the file selection screen. Here you can either drag and drop your files and folders into the window or you can click ‘Browse’ to select your files and folders.

Once your files are chosen, our system will automatically compress your files and folders into a .zip format. As files are being ‘zipped,’ their progress is updated in real-time. Once compression is complete, your data begins uploading to our secure servers for distribution.