How to send large files with privacy and security

There are many file sharing companies out there offering to send your files. So how does one choose between them? The answer is simple, select a service that will let you send large files in a private and secure manner.

Many file sharing services do not provide adequate protection because they want to save money or are simply unaware of the risks to which they are exposing their users’ files. Security certificates, server-side encryption, and passwords add cost and development time in which only mature companies are willing to invest.

With the Internet growing, more businesses are choosing to share files online, including tax returns, medical information, legal files, bank statements and more. Such sensitive information creates a desirable target for cyber attacks that will only continue to grow in both volume and sophistication as the Internet matures.

To send big files securely and privately, we recommend a service with the following features:

  • SSL sign-on to protect your entire session with encryption
  • Transfer encryption (128-bit or higher) to protect your files while they are moving to and from the provider’s file server
  • AES storage encryption (128-bit or higher) to protect your files while they are stored on the provider’s file server
  • File password protection and recipient authentication (usually through email confirmation) to prevent the unwanted distribution of your files
  • Permanent file deletion so that files are non-recoverable

Privacy and security are important, that is why SendThisFile offers all of these features to its customers.