How to resume a broken download

Have you ever been downloading a file from SendThisFile, only to have to start your download all over again?

Internet connections can be finicky sometimes, especially on older browsers and computers. Depending on what hardware and software configuration the file downloader is using, a file download can be interrupted. Even screen savers and aggressive power save modes can potentially derail a file download. When the user realizes that their download has stopped, they find that they have lost their progress and must start the download all over.

Fortunately, resuming interrupted file downloads has been made available for SendThisFile personal file transfers.

Our latest system update gives user’s file recipient the ability to resume an interrupted file download right from where they left off! When very large files are being shared, this can be a big relief, saving time and frustration.

We continually roll out new features and improvements to our users. If you have an idea for us that you would like to see, please let us know.