Get control over your file sharing with a FileBox

We’ve enabled FileBoxes to give you even more control over file sharing. Now you can restrict the number of file’s that can uploaded during each FileBox transfer.


Receive 5 files with a FileBox from SendThisFile

By default, a FileBox will display only 5  ‘choose file’ buttons, limiting your FileBox users to sending you 5 files at a time.  We even allow you set this limit to a different value for each FileBox you create.

However, once a FileBox download limit has been reached the file is auto-expired and removed from our system. To download a file that has been expired the file must be resubmitted via the FileBox.


Share a big file with a filebox from SendThisFile

This is another example of how SendThisFile gives you more control over your files with powerful file sharing features.

For directions on how to set the file upload limit on a FileBox, click here.

-The SendThisFile Dev Team