Five file sending features unique to SendThisFile

Comparing Managed File Transfer services can be tricky. Many sites don’t have the same feature pairings or price points. Some sites list every minor attribute and some hardly list any.

Here is how SendThisFile bests the competition:

1. No account is needed for downloads
SendThisFile is not a walled garden. When you send large files with us, your recipient does not need to have an account with us to download the file. It’s simple, to get the file they simply click the download link on the download page you emailed them.

2. All downloads are full speed
File downloads from SendThisFile are always sent fast. Your recipients will never wait in line, and they are never throttled.

3. Receive files using a FileBox
A FileBox is a powerful way to receive large files. Each FileBox provided by SendThisFile has a unique URL (e.g., Simply share your FileBox link to begin receiving large files.

4. You can send files larger than 2 gigabytes (2GB)
Our new enhanced view runs a powerful Java applet in your web browser that allows you to send files larger than 2 GB. There is no special software needed and you never leave the browser. Java is cross-platform, very stable, and is pre-loaded on nearly every operating system. You will be hard pressed to find another service that lets you send large files through your web browser.

5. Regulatory Compliance
We continually meet the most stringent government regulations and industry certifications. SendThisFile is compliant with HIPAA, SAS 70 Type II, PCI DSS, FIPS 140-2, and more. Fortune 500 businesses, banks, and law firms routinely trust our services to safeguard their data while in transit. Regulatory compliance is difficult to attain. If a service provider doesn’t mention a certification or compliance, you can be sure that they don’t have it.