Unique File Name Characters Now Supported

SendThisFile is happy to announce new features for file naming!

We have fully enabled UTF-8 file name encoding support for our service.  UTF-8 filename encoding enables us to preserve filenames for both non-latin based languages and unique characters.

This problem had occurred when a user clicked the download link containing special text and the browser would scramble the filename in the “save as” dialog screen.  Note that this would only affected filenames with special text.   Actual file data was always preserved.

Now, a new link will appear next to all downloads that will enable international users to download their files with the intended filename, if and when the filename is UTF-8 encoded.

This also means that when you click the download link file name (i.e. “text%”) the special character (i.e. “%”) is preserved.  Previously this text would be garbled into random characters.

Let us know how it is working for you in our feedback.  As always we’ll keep letting you know all the good things coming your way.

-The SendThisFile Team