Ensure file delivery with secure SMTP

Do you ever send large files using email only to have them get lost? Odds are, your email was automatically marked as unsolicited bulk email (a.k.a. SPAM) and quarantined into a SPAM folder, where it is highly unlikely that anyone will ever see it. So you might be wondering why, if I’m not a spammer, are my emails being hidden? The answer is SPAM filtering.

Thanks to Moore’s Law, the predictable and exponentially increasing power of computers, means that it is continually cheaper to send a SPAM email. The growth of bulk email has resulted in more bad email being sent than good, so something must be done to stem the tide of SPAM from overflowing our email inboxes.

Email providers fight SPAM with email filtering to effectively remove a vast majority of SPAM from ever reaching us. Unfortunately, no system is perfect and the mis-identification of legitimate emails as SPAM occurs. Email filtering looks for a variety of factors, for example emails from unknown contacts, with short messages, file attachments, and links to websites are often red-flagged as SPAM messages. Unfortunately, many of these attributes also apply to email from cloud services, like legitimate file sharing sites such as SendThisFile, who often send emails on your behalf.

While the contents of SendThisFile emails can’t be changed, the email address where SendThisFile emails come from (a.k.a. the ‘From:’ field) can be. SendThisFile has implemented secure simple mail transfer protocol (SMTP) to allow our emails to be relayed by your email server. So instead of file notification emails coming from a SendThisFile email address that is likely to be new to your recipients, notifications can now arrive from your personal or business email address. You can even add multiple email accounts. To protect you further, SendThisFile has implemented strong SSL encryption to protect the SMTP messages.

To setup your own SMTP relay with SendThisFile, sign-in and navigate to ‘My Files,’ then ‘SMTP setup.’

Secure SMTP is available today and recommended for all SendThisFile customers.