Frustration free file sending with transfer resume

Perhaps the most frustrating aspect of sending a large file to someone through a browser-based file transfer service is that your transfer can be interrupted, forcing you to start over. If your file size is really large, it can take hours with average internet upload speeds.

Even worse is that there are many activities that can unintentionally interrupt your file transfer. Things like power saving settings, power outages, intermittent internet service, and weak wi-fi signals. Any one of these items could force you to start over, losing you hours of transfer time in the process.

Fortunately, this problem has been solved with the new SendThisFile beta!

Our powerful new beta automatically keeps track of your file transfer progress and, when interrupted, lets you resume right where you left off. So if you lose power or internet connection, you can save hours of time by not having to re-start the transfer all over again. Even better, it is entirely browser based so there is no special software download required!

To resume an interrupted transfer, click the green up arrow to continue right where you left off.
At the moment this impressive new feature is available only to our paid plan users. Simply click the beta link that appears on our send files page to access the new SendThisFile beta. It’s just one of the many cool feature enhancements we have been working on to improve your experience.