Do You Want Your Files to Resemble Flowers? Yes.

This is the time of year when the grass turns green, the fruit trees are in bloom and the “ephemeral” flowers do their super quick, “I’m here, I’m gone,” routine. Personally, I prefer plants that bear fruit, like apples, peaches, pears, raspberries, and our latest additions include plums and persimmons. But for you flower lovers out there, an “ephemeral” is a flower which appears, fully blooms and then retreats, sometimes all in one day. Most of us would never even know they exist since they come and go so quickly. However, the professional botanists know when and how to find these precious beauties. It is as if they have a special direct link and a password to the encrypted forest.

4751254400_fdb5528e0d_oOk, you see where we are going with this now. The word “ephemeral” applies to more than just flowers. At SendThisFile, we cultivate the ephemeral too. By setting the file duration a SendThisFile secure transfer can become “ephemeral.” Like the rare Trillium undulatum pictured here, a SendThisFile transfer can be sent, received, and completely deleted all in one day. Unlike other services, the file links are not just changed, or the files moved. We completely wipe the data from our system. There are no tapes or backups. It’s gone. Just like the Trillium undulatum. Incredibly valuable one day, completely removed the next. The best part is, it’s not as hard to cultivate as the Trilllium undulatam and you control the file life limit.

 Trillium undulatum: Perhaps the most elusive of trilliums… this trillium emerges, expands, and flowers at an alarming rate. Quite literally it could missed today and in flower tomorrow. Painted trillium are considered amongst the most challenging to cultivate.*


*Information from Brooklyn Botanic Garden.

**Image credit.