Creating a Portal to Receive Large Files

File Upload PortalA portal is a door, gateway or other entrance that leads you from one area into another. In literature, it can be a magical thing that turns an ordinary wardrobe into a passageway to Narnia. On the web, it is simply a doorway that brings information from one side to another. It’s a little magical too, when that portal can do a simple thing like keep visitors from leaving your site.

There is great value in making sure the visitors to your website don’t have to leave the site in the middle of completing a desired task. Facebook is the perfect example of this “sticky” quality. Think about all the things you can accomplish without having to leave their site. You can make plans to attend an event, do a search for your favorite brand’s page (and maybe get a special offer), get updates from your friends, watch videos, read news articles of interest, and much more, all from within the confines of Facebook. And that’s exactly how Facebook likes it.

Consumers get distracted easily. If you send someone away from your page to complete another task, you risk that they may not come back at all. So what do you do if you want your visitors to send you files in the process of completing a task onsite? If you don’t provide a means for them to securely send you these files, like a portal, that means they go to their email account, where they’ll be inundated with incoming messages before they even begin the task of sending you the file.

At SendThisFile, the same technology behind our Filebox, which allows you to give someone a hosted URL so that they may send you files, allows you to create branded upload forms that can be embedded right on your website to create this seamless portal for receiving files.

Embedded File Upload Form

The Berrics

At The Berrics, the website of the privately owned, indoor skatepark of the same name, visitors can sink a lot of time into browsing blog posts, watching videos, reading about skateboarding tips and buying skateboards or apparel. So when they run a contest that allows skaters to enter their own GoPro clip, they want to make sure of two things:

1. site visitors have an easy way to send large video files,

2. there’s no distraction between sending the file and browsing the site.

Mission accomplished using embedded custom upload forms from SendThisFile. The upload form appears within their site, visitors get there by clicking “submit” from the contest page and it is customized to match the look and feel of their site.

To find out more about our completely secure, embedded upload forms, contact us today or read more about Enterprise on our website. If you already have an Enterprise account, you can do this today with your existing account. Need more information? Read on…

File Upload Portal


FASTSIGNS, a nationwide sign/graphics company with locations all over the US and the world, also uses custom embedded upload forms to allow site visitors to send their graphics files in the process of getting a job quoted. You can visit any FASTSIGNS location online and get the same reliable form to upload your graphics file. You can read more about them in our case study.