A Free Alternative to FTP

Did you know that SendThisFile acts as a Free FTP solution?

It can be frustrating sending FTP files to clients.  FTP is both rife with security holes and is hard to use. SendThisFile offers a pain-free, fast and secure file transfer alternative to those pesky FTP servers.

How does SendThisFile replace an FTP server?

SendThisFile replaces FTP servers by offering a managed file transfer solution that is secure, fast and allows you to easily send big files free.

What are the hassles of FTP?

The primary issue with FTP is that of security.  FTP has many security issues including bounce attacks, spoof attacks, brute force attacks, packet sniffing, username protection and port stealing. Perhaps the biggest risk with FTP is that the FTP server can only handle usernames and passwords in unencrypted plain text.

The security problems continue with FTP since even the files themselves are uploaded and downloaded without any encryption at all.

FTP uses multiple TCP connections making it difficult to tunnel of SSH. Essentially, this limits who can be sent a file over FTP.  Also, many web browsers do not support secure FTP (FTPS)

FTP is also not easy to use.  A user must download from the myriad of FTP software options, ensure that it is up to date.  FTP software users must also be familiar with technical issues such as port configuration.

Finally, there is no way to know who downloaded the file and there is no file logging or reporting.


Why is SendThisFile easier, quicker, more secure, and cost effective when compared to FTP?

SendThisFile replaces FTP file transfers by offering many advantages.

First and foremost, SendThis file offers 128-bit SSL encryption on all transfers, this includes both uploads and downloads on our servers.  Furthermore our Enterprise plan subscribers have the option to secure their files with Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) cryptography.

As an alternative to free ftp transfers SendThisFile also offer free plans and paid plans for users, depending on their needs.

SendThisFile is completely web-based and offers an easy-to-use graphical user interface while automating the technical aspects of sending a large file. There is no software to download or update and there are no cryptic error messages

Finally, SendThisFile offers full file management upload and download visibility by offering full reporting with send receipts and download logs.