5 ways SendThisFile is superior to physical delivery

You hear about it all the time in the news, a company has been a victim of lost or stolen physical storage media. All types of physical media can experience a risk event, be it a laptop, hard disk drive, or USB thumb drive. In such an event, the theft or loss of company data can result in the exposure of sensitive employee or company data to criminal organizations and networks. Given the density of today’s storage devices, the amount of data at risk can be huge.

Here are just a few of the significant ways that SendThisFile helps companies embrace our 24-hour digital world by going beyond physical data delivery.

Top 5 ways that SendThisFile is superior to physical data delivery.

1) Convenience

Sending data on physical media, such as hard disk drives or USB thumb drives, often takes longer, it increases the risk of theft and loss, and is more expensive than managed online file transfers.

With physical media you must purchase disposable or reusable media and copy data to the media, which takes time and money. You must also take the time to place your media in the hands of a courier, who have different pickup times and business hours that can delay your shipment.

SendThisFile allows you to start your transfer at any time, eliminating many steps from physical media transfer. Account sign-in to transfer takes only moments.

2) Security

The risk of theft or loss of data is always present with physical transactions, whereby theft, duplication or loss may occur. Data is also exposed to different couriers and can be accessed by multiple people.

SendThisFile is the trusted file transfer service. We have been transferring files across the globe since 2003 for fortune 500 companies and small businesses alike. Data is protected by 128-bit encryption and we even offer password protection and 128-bit AES storage encryption. No one views your data, and files are automatically deleted after transfers.

3) Cost

Should a risk event happen, your company will incur significant financial loss. According to the Ponemon Institute, malicious or criminal data breaches  are most expensive to respond to, costing on average $318 per customer record. Overnight airplane delivery of data can add unnecessary expense.

SendThisFile saves you time and money. Our advanced security reduces the risk to your company and we often cost many times less than physical data delivery services.

4) Speed

When physical media is sent overnight the fastest possible delivery time is only 12 hours. There are also many additional steps that must occur when sending physical media such as burning or copying data to disk, walking the data to the courier, and waiting for the courier to pickup your package. Inclement weather can also slow delivery time.

SendThisFile sends files at the speed of the internet! You are only limited by your internet connection. There are no extra steps to take. Sign-in, choose your files, and send! Your transfer begins immediately.

5) Monitoring

Physical delivery offers only basic delivery information for individual transfers and poor consolidated record keeping. Anyone at your intended address may sign for a package. Once delivered, who knows how many hands will exchange the package? Critically, there is no consolidated tracking repository for all physical data transfers and there are no audit logs.

SendThisFile provides a granular view activity, allowing you to track downloads down to an individual email address. You can even track download status. Finally, all activity is consolidated to a single repository, allowing you to monitor all outflows of company data. These reports can be exported for record keeping and audits.