5 different ways to use SendThisFile

At its core, SendThisFile allows you to send large files securely to anyone anywhere, but this simplicity belies the multitude of ways in which it can be used.

Here are just five different ways that you can use SendThisFile for file sharing.

1. Send files that are too big to attach to an email
Both company and free personal email services will limit the attachment file size, rejecting any email that exceeds this limit. SendThisFile lets you share any file size so you don’t have to think twice about if a file is too large.

2. Secure your sensitive file sharing with transfer encryption
By default, every file transferred via SendThisFile is protected with 128-bit encryption. Normal email and unsecured FTP do not offer enough protection for the transfer of sensitive personal and business information.

3. Collect files on your website with our FileBox widget
A FileBox is a website widget that lets you collect and share files without having to setup multiple accounts for infrequent file sharers. It also saves a lot of programming time, as your webmaster only needs to place a HTML code snippet on the desired page.  By placing a FileBox on a public webpage you can easily collect files from multiple users, which are ready for you to download at your SendThisFile account page.

4. Affordably share large files for company use
SendThisFile enterprise plans have unlimited seat licenses, which is an affordable way to give every employee the capability to share large files. In addition, a FileBox widget can be placed on a webpage behind your company firewall to use internally, so users won’t have to sign-in to our website to use the service. There’s even Microsoft Outlook Plug-Ins available so you can integrate large file sending into your daily workflow.

5. Monitor file sharing activity
Our busy workdays are filled with endless conversations, emails, tasks, and meetings. In a weeks time, you likely will forget who you sent that file to or if they ever received it. We designed a simple way to view all your file sharing activity, so you always know whats going on. You can even export the file transfer logs for record keeping and auditing.