3 critical security features for Managed File Transfer

In the world of data management, there are a wide array companies and services vying to serve you. For data transfer, the best managed file transfer (MFT) companies offer strong encryption and security standards to protect your data. So it is no coincidence that these companies often cater to the needs of a business, since every company must protect its intellectual property and sensitive data from exposure to competitors and thieves. The good news is that the same advanced protection methods that are required for the data transfer of a business is also beneficial for individuals.

So which security aspects are the most important for all MFT customers? In short it’s secure sign-in, encrypted transfers, and encrypted file storage. It is simple, any MFT company not offering these capabilities is not protecting its customers.

Secure Sign-in

By definition, every MFT company offers their Software as a Service (SaaS) via a publicly accessible website. This gives the advantage of great accessibility to customers so that no matter where they are in the world, they may access the service. This also means that any unprotected activity on the website is susceptible to hacking. HTTPS will protect you while you use the service. A simple username and password will lock the door to your account, but if they are not encrypted in a HTTPS protocol then a user signing-in on a public Wi-Fi network could have their account exposed. Without HTTPS, accessing a website is akin to shouting your ATM card number and password to your banker in a crowded movie theatre. Using HTTPS is like whispering your ATM card number and password to your banker in a soundproof vault.

Encrypted Transfers

Once you are securely accessing a MFT website with HTTPS your username, password are protected. When a file begins to travel from your computer to the MFT’s file server it is now going to a different place on the internet. This is because file transfers are handled by a different web server than the MFT website. Since it’s going to a different location, this communication transfer must also be encrypted otherwise the data could be intercepted or exposed. These encrypted transfers use a process called secure socket layer (SSL). Using encrypted communication transfers will protect your files while they upload and download. It’s the online equivalent to using an armored car to move your files around.

Encrypted File Storage

Now that you have safely signed-in and transferred your files to the file server you are relying on the MFT provider to keep them safe. Any good MFT service will encrypt these files for you on the file server. If an intruder is somehow able to penetrate the MFT’s file server, any files they access would be effectively scrambled and unusable. Encrypting files while they are in storage is like putting your data in a lock box while it is in an armored car. Each additional security layer helps to keep you safe.

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